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The original TEK research guidelines for CEMA written in 2006 lacked specific data standards. Data standards are essential to ensure that data gathered will meet both immediate project needs and long term use needs. CEMA is currently in process in updating these guidelines and this document provides data specific details.

Starting in 2010, CEMA started working with Apropos to evaluate if the Land Occupancy and Use Information System or LOUIS (http://www.aproposinfosystems.com/products/louis) would be useful for CEMA to store and manage its TEK data. After carefully evaluating LOUIS at the proof of concept stage and then with a feasibility study, CEMA decided in 2011 to proceed with the implementation of LOUIS for CEMA. In 2011 all past studies were evaluated, cleaned and imported into LOUIS. In February and March of 2012, Apropos trained CEMA Program Administrators in the use and operation of LOUIS. CEMA now has live search access to all past TEK studies and the ability to quickly and easily generate reports and maps from that data without the need of desktop GIS tools or GIS technicians.

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