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Several minor adjustments were introduced in 2015; the most significant of which are as follows: - Soil samples for hydrocarbon analysis were collected as discrete samples from each soil horizon in the soil pit instead of being composited with the hand auger samples as in previous years - Detailed peat mineral ratio and mineral incorporation definitions were developed by the Cumulative Environmental Management Association for use by assessors during field data collection - During tree stem mapping, only planted trees were tagged and mapped, while infill trees were counted and will be tagged when they reach 1.3 m in height The most notable recommendations are related to improving ground truthing guidelines for selection of locations for new plots, changing the monitoring schedule for vegetation composition and coverage, and formalizing the compilation of reclamation prescription information gathered by mine operators. - Ground truth personnel should consider the presence of standing water, proximity to future disturbances, uniformity of reclamation treatments, presence and age of planted trees and shrubs, and evidence of other monitoring in the area - The monitoring schedule for vegetation composition should be modified to include year zero - Reclamation prescription information for the new plots should be collected from mine operators and recorded in the database. The list of reclamation prescription and management information collected from operators should be expanded to include all of the information listed in Appendix D of Pickard et al. (2013), especially targeted ecosite phase, surface soil material type (origin and placement strategy) and cover crop seeding information.

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Citation Heather Tokay, Kevin Renkema, 2015. 2015 Reclamation Plot Data Collection - Long Term Plot Network Effectiveness Monitoring Program. Cumulative Environmental Management Association. Fort McMurray, Alberta
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