State and Transition Model Development for Oil ...


Conceptual models were developed for four wetland units derived from the recently published wetland classification system for Alberta as well as the CEMA guidelines for wetland reclamation. Wetland units included in the conceptual models were: Marshes, Swamps, Shallow Open Water and Peatlands. For each of these units indicators and thresholds delineating transitions between phases were identified. These indicators typically are based on water quantity andwater quality in a wetland. In addition, the conceptual models identify characteristic species that may be present in each wetland unit and phase. Conceptual models also identify the processes, either natural or anthropogenic, that drive transitions between wetland units and phases. Conceptual models were reviewed and revised based on input by three academic experts and by CEMA’s Integrated Task Group (ITG). A prototype quantitative STSM was developed to demonstrate the types of inputs required to simulate wetland reclamation outcomes under alternative management and climate regimes and the kinds of outputs that could be derived from such a model. The process of developing the prototype STSM led to the conclusion that in order to develop a landscape scale simulation model of wetland reclamation a linkage between the STSM and a hydrologic model is required. A conceptual diagram for such a system was developed. This project also considered the steps required to validate the upland component of the RCS using the data being collected as part of the newly designed LTPN. The project report identifies how the LTPN data can be used to: (1) eliminate data gaps identified when the RCS was originally developed, (2) identify the land unit and land unit phase for reclaimed areas, (3) improve and validate transition probability estimates used in the STSM. The report identifies additional data, not currently being collected as part of the LTPN that would be useful to validate the RCS and STSM.

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Citation Leonardo Frid, Rebecca Rooney, 2015. State and Transition Model Development for Oil Sands Mine Reclamation: Extending the Model to Wetlands and Developing a Plan to Validate the Reclamation Classification System. Cumulative Environmental Management Association. Fort McMurray, Alberta
Authors Leonardo Frid, Rebecca Rooney
Publication Year 2015
Copyright Holder Cumulative Environmental Management Association. Fort McMurray, Alberta
Created March 2, 2016
Last updated March 2, 2016
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