Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHCs) in Lean Oil Sand: Degradation Potential and Toxicity to Ecological Receptors

The objectives of this project were as follows: 1) To determine the PHC profile of LOS used in reconstructed soil; 2) To determine PHC availability to soil decomposers by measuring respoiratory activity of soil with and without LOS; 3) To determine the PHC removal (degradation) potential of PHC fractions in LOS by measuring PHCs before and after weathering; 4) To determine the response of selected plant species used for reclamation of the oil sands to fresh and weathered PHCs in LOS; 5) To determine the response of ectomycorrhizal symbionts associated with white spruce to PHCs in LOS; 6; To determine the response of earthworms, considered a surrogate for the soil macrofauna, to fresh and weathered PHCs in LOS; and 7) To determine the concentration of PHCs in LOS that would not pose a risk to ecological receptors in the soil contact pathway.

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Contractor University of Calgary
Contract Number 2005-0040