River Two D, Winter In Stream Flow Model ...

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There are four parts to this report: 1) Bed Topography File Editor User s Manual 2) Ice Topography File Editor User s Manual for River 2D 3) Mesh Generation Program for River 2D Two Dimensional Depth Averaged Finite Element:
Introduction to Mesh Generation and User s Manual 4) Two-Dimensional Depth Averaged Model of River Hydrodynamics and Fish Habitat: Introduction to Depth Averaged Modeling and User s Manual

R2D_Bed is a utility program intended for use with the River2D river modelling system. R2D_Bed is an interactive and graphical bed topography file editor. The normal modelling process would involve creating a preliminary bed topography file (text) from the raw field data, then editing and refining it using R2D_Bed. The resulting bed topography file is used in R2D_Mesh to develop a computational discretization. River2D is then used to solve for the water depths and velocities. Finally, the River2D habitat module is used to visualize and interpret the results and perform PHABSIM type fish habitat analysis. An iterative approach at various stages, including modification of the bed topography, is usual.

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